ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
This year Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary organized an expedition for students to Mt. Kilimanjaro.
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
The CBE Outlook is published in April, August and December
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
Al Muntazir students soar high once again in their University of Cambridge International Examination held in May /June 2018.
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
On 9th January 2019, It was an honor for us at Al Muntazir School to be visited by Br. Hassanain Rajabali who emmigrated to t
While their school mates were enjoying their December vacation, 8 students of Al Muntazir Seminary students got an opportunit
The delegates got a short historical background of the Al-Muntazir schools and how they provide service from the CEO – Mr.
The Islamic council of ALMIS organised Hussein (a.s) week.
It was an honor for ALMIS to host a NASA aeronautical engineer, Jody Davis, from Washington DC, a designer of spaceflights an
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“We believe that all children with the proper learning and therapy will have the opportunities to achieve personal dreams and goals.”

Among all the autistic and special needs centers in Dar-es-salaam, the Al Muntazir Special Educational Needs has the most required facilities for a special needs child to facilitate development and learning.

Every student here has a designated learning specialist. We teach specific strategies, either one-on-one or in small groups according to their strengths and weakness, which facilitate teacher interaction and enhance the academic curriculum. Once mastered, these can be applied across a variety of course disciplines. This means that our students learn to use tools and techniques which allow them to grow in confidence and become independent learners. We employ strategies and practices that both support and empower our students.

• Our well furnished classrooms have a comfortable environment and are conducive for learning and playing.

• A spacious and very well resourced Occupational Therapy Gym where students receive sensory integration and therapies which help them perform other tasks with ease. Effective occupational therapy enables children with Autism and Learning Disabilities to take part in all childhood activities such as playing with friends, school, eating meals, dressing and sleeping.

• The library has a variety of reading material which helps improve the students’ perception and communication.

• A swimming pool within our campus, where the students receive Aqua therapy from trained staff and perform other water games.

• Our well equipped playground provides a wide range of activities outdoor that help children to move beyond autism’s self-absorption into real, shared interaction. It also allows youngsters to explore their feelings, their environment, and their relationships with peers under supervision of our teachers.

• The Tactile Area has a different number of activities which are performed to desensitize the tactile-sensitive children.

Therapies are provided alongside and within the curriculum, creating a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. Most experts agree a therapy should begin as young as possible, tailored to the specific needs of the child and reevaluated as the child develops.

At Al Muntazir Special Education Needs Center, we provide therapies that are effective to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other Learning Disabilities, keeping in mind, every child is unique. With the right therapies, and a lot of love and support, these children can learn, grow and thrive.