ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
This year Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary organized an expedition for students to Mt. Kilimanjaro.
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
The CBE Outlook is published in April, August and December
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
Al Muntazir students soar high once again in their University of Cambridge International Examination held in May /June 2018.
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
The National Spelling Bee Championships being conducted by the Coconut Foundation held their Ilala Regional Rounds
Al muntazir girls primary student is a winner at International SIP Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Contest in Colombo, sri lanka.
ALMIS has the honour to report that two of its students Mayank Mehta (Form 1B3) and his sister Megha Mehta (Form 1G2) partici
The Islamic council of ALMIS organised Hussein (a.s) week.
It was an honor for ALMIS to host a NASA aeronautical engineer, Jody Davis, from Washington DC, a designer of spaceflights an
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Absence & Medical Arrangements


If your child is ill or absent for any other reason you MUST contact the school by telephone as soon as possible on the first day of the absence. The school is legally responsible for your child and if we do not have prior notification of absence we will contact you by phone to confirm the whereabouts of your child.

The only recognised reasons for absence are:

  • personal sickness
  • family emergencies
  • family holidays – in exceptional circumstances only. A Holiday Request form should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the date of absence.

Holiday Request Form

  • medical/dental appointments – a letter or the appointment card should be sent to school before the absence or an Absence During School Hours form completed.

Note – whenever possible, medical appointments with your own doctor or dentist should be made outside school hours.

If your child is absent without prior approval from the Headteacher, the absence will be unauthorised.

Medical Arrangements

Children should be kept at home if they are sick or unwell.

Our staff are only trained to provide immediate first aid. If an emergency arises and it is necessary to send a child to hospital, we will make contact with you as soon as we can.

It is important that the school has the home telephone number for each child and also a contact number in case of emergency.

If your child does need to leave during school hours it is essential that:

  • he or she is collected by a parent/guardian or named responsible adult, from the school office
  • the collecting adult must complete and sign the book in the school office.

If medication has to be given please keep your child at home, or if the child is well enough please arrange to administer medicine yourself at lunchtime. School staff cannot give medicine, however, we have the school nurse who can accept responsibility for administering medication in emergencies. In such cases, parents need to discuss this with the Headteacher first.

Children’s hair is checked for head lice by the school nurse.  However, it is important that parents are vigilant in carrying out regular checks at home and we ask that you inform the school immediately if you do find head lice so that we can advise parents, and hopefully limit the spread of the problem.