ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
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On the 2nd November 2017, Al-Muntazir Seminary hosted a national educational workshop organized by the Ministry of Education
Al muntazir primary school participate in the spelling bee competition.
The Counselling Department of the Al Muntazir Schools conducted the parental workshop ‘The ABC of Bonding with your Childâ€
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Orientation day for form 5 BATCH OF 2012/2013

September 20, 2012 9:02 AM

The new batch of Form Five 2012/2013 was introduced to the Al Muntazir family towards mid of September through the Orientation program.

Excited faces were seen as the students settled down to listen to a series of presentations that explained about the school ethos, curriculum details and operational procedures relevant to students.

The Form 5 Orientation program was divided in two halves where the first half saw presentations by various speakers while the second half had all the students of CIE A Levels (Form 5 and 6) as well as all the teachers divided into different groups to discuss and present generic issues related to student academics and discipline.

The program started with verses of the Holy Quran, followed by welcome speech by the Head of Discipline for Boys Mr. Deogratius Daniel.

The Deputy Principal Mr. Kassim Ally then took the students through a virtual tour of the school procedures and facilities. He also introduced the main role players and teachers for the CIE Form 5.

This was followed by another presentation by the Ag. Principal Mr. Shabbir Moledina, who explained the Academic Structure of the CIE A Levels, including subjects and combinations, examination and promotion.

The second half doubled up the excitement as the new Form 5 students got a chance to mingle with their seniors from Form 6 as well as the teachers.

They got into an engrossing discussions on topics like is career in medicine still in demand, or should strict discipline code be implemented in every school, or what are the best was to pass the A Level exams.

The program ended with a dua before the students dispersed to their respective classrooms. <HR>


On Saturday 15th September 2012, The Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary organized a “CIE Awareness Program” for the forthcoming Form 1 students and parents to familiarize them to the secondary school premises and procedures and to explain the International system of education that is offered at ALMIS.

The event started off with the registration process followed by a series of presentations in the Hall. Parents were also shown displays of books available at the Kilimanjaro Bookshop and those available from the School Library.

The program in the hall began with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran by Mohamed Masoud, A Level student. This was followed by a welcome note from the Head of Discipline Mr. Deogratius Daniel who briefed the audience on the overview of the program.

Mr. Shabbir Moledina then provided provide important information about the administrative and discipline procedures at the school. Mr. Moledina talked about important school rules and policies and explained to the parents how the school organization structure worked.

He was followed by the Deputy Principal, Mr. Kassim Ally who explained to the parents about the IGCSE Curriculum and the subjects provided. He also explained about the various methods of teaching that teachers use in the school to facilitate effective learning.

Next, was the presentation on different parenting styles and how they affect the academic progress of the children, the presentation was done by the School Counselor, Mrs. Maryam Hassan.

Finally, the program concluded with Dua al- Hujjat.