ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2019
The CBE Outlook is published in April, August and December
One of the most powerful motivators for employees is recognition.
On 12th May 2018 CBE Swimming Centre took part in Champion Rise Development Gala for the first time at Champion Rise Club
Al Muntazir Primary School students sat for the first ever Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations earlier in May 2018.
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The teaching areas of the school are both spacious and very well resourced. The school campus consists of 7 grades with 5 streams at each level, this makes 35 classrooms altogether. We have 1 computer lab, a resource room, a Learning Centre, a multi-use hall, a library and an electronic visual room.

The students have access to 18 computers in the computer lab. We have an electronic visual room where the teachers use the E-Beam for the students. The E-Beam is an interactive electronic device that makes learning fun and interesting too. A digital projector and the E-Beam enable us to deliver various aspects of the curriculum interactively with the children. Our resource room accommodates for all subject teaching aids at different levels. The School Library has a variety of fictional and non-fictional reading material. In connection to the stories that the children read, they get an additional benefit to watch a DVD associated to the story book. Children facing learning difficulties in the class are referred to the Learning Centre for one on one attention and guidance. We are constantly updating our facilities to provide an effective learning environment.

Though we do not have a school playing field, but we do use the school campus for outdoor games and we make timetabled use of the PE Sessions. We also offer extracurricular activities for the girls during the afternoon. Children interested in swimming register for swimming sessions for set periods of time through the year.
To add to our annual celebrations we hold exhibitions of the children’s work, Curriculum Activity Weeks and contribute to school celebrations and events. The children can participate in a wide range of extra curricula activities ranging from sports, crafts, computers and social skills which are led by teachers.

We are justly proud of our school and feel we have much to offer in terms of educating children to become happy, responsible and knowledgeable adults, not only now, but continuing through the decades.