ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN! For the Academic Year Commencing January 2018
Al - M untazir Boys Primary School held their Open Days 29 th A ugust and 5 th September.
Muslim children around the world are encouraged to memorize the Quran, the Holy book of Muslims.
From Sunday the 6th of August to Monday the 14th, two Form Six students from our school travelled to Iran for an Internationa
250 students from various African Schools participated in the 2nd Mwl Nyerere Debate Championship calling together students f
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About Us

“We Provide that education by which character is formed, Strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which, one can stand on one’s own feet”

An Education without Barriers….

Since our founding in January 2013, The Al Muntazir Special Educational Needs has been solely devoted to provide holistic care for children with special needs. Through providing the opportunity for all children to flourish, improving their ability to learn, achieve their full potential and help them succeed in their pursuits.

Our goal is to change the future and create an environment that is healthy, encouraging, supportive and above all, loving where children will inculcate essential skills to be independent, productive and lead a meaningful life within the limitations imposed by their disability.

We facilitate in educating children age 3-16 with Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and many more. These children need to be recognized and embraced with their uniqueness where they can overcome their challenges in a warm and fun environment.

Seeing Differences as Strengths…

Our commitment is captured in the values that guide us. We help create a confident child, trust the inner working of every mind; young and old and honor each learner with respect and dignity, as each one has a different style and pace of learning

We also strive in building long lasting relationships with our students, parents and associates and are sensitive to their concerns and work together to earn their trust.